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Giuliani's Ukrainian Associates Arrested: 'Campaign Finance Violations' (Hake News, Fri 10/11/19)

Hake News for Friday, October 11, 2019 - at the top of each hour for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show

HOUR 1 NEWS: Whistleblower wants to “testify” in writing. Coward! Ukrainians who worked with Giuliani are arrested for so-called “campaign finance violations.” A career diplomat P Michael McKinley steps down as a senior aide to Sec. of State Mike Pompeo. Draining the swamp!

HOUR 1 JESSE: False start! Computer froze! Jesse gets “expert discussion” from his team on whether it’s cheating for a man to look at another woman when he’s in a relationship. Janet from Virginia goes off on Jesse. Jerry from Long Beach is a sinning Bible thumper.

HOUR 2 NEWS: So-called “national security” officials raised alarms about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine before and after his call. L.A. Times does a puff piece about so-called “whistleblowers.” Rick Perry subpoenaed. Will Pelosi hold a formal vote on impeachment? Lindsey Graham got a hoax call from Russians, thinking he was talking to a Turkey minister of defense. California power outages with wind and fire dangers!

HOUR 2 JESSE: Clips from Trump rally in Minneapolis, MN: Trump bashes Hunter and Joe Biden who kissed Obama’s A**. Trump loves cops. Anti-Trump protestors burn stuff outside the rally. Tyrone and Earl argue with Jesse, then Matthew from Texas asks about forgiving his father who overdosed when young.

HOUR 3 NEWS: NYPD suicides: Commissioner James O’Neill called it a “mental health crisis.” UK university bans white students from attending “anti-racism” meeting. Black male homosexual Billy Porter will play the fairy godmother in a “Cinderella” movie. NBC roiled by Ronan Farrow book accusations over Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer.

HOUR 3 JESSE: Clip: Woman yells at white man in city council meeting or something in IL. Joel reacts. Jose blesses Jesse in the name of the Lord. Montgomery, AL, elects its first black mayor, Steven Reed, SMH. John from AZ says pharmaceuticals messed him up.

Hour 4, The Hake Report: News: Iran oil tanker hit by missiles in terror attack? Homeless males in NYC murdering and assaulting people including a 7-year-old boy in critical condition! NYPD is led by liberals and suffering from numerous suicides in their ranks! James argues with T of Alabama about Jesse and Christianity. More callers talk about homeless people. Black homosexual Billy Porter to play a fairy godmother in Cinderella. Brian from D.C. and Joel review Joker movie. Trevor from CA posted a Jesse 1995 video on his IG about affirmative action: Should we have to know history to talk race stuff? KT from D.C. laughs at Joel and Nick for not being able to answer Jesse’s question about looking at women. Lastly, for Sunday: Don’t fall for the #MeToo crap pushed by Ronan Farrow and media!

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