The Hake Report

Call-in: 888-775-3773 Sunday through Friday 9 AM PT

Live call-in show hosted by James Hake, white male millennial Christian, and news reader for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, talking current issues, religion and politics. Live Monday through Friday 9 AM Pacific Time on Jesse’s channels, and Sunday 9 AM on Hake’s channels, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Live Show: M-F on JLP, Sun. on Hake

Monday - Friday 9am PT on Jesse Lee Peterson’s channels, 4th hour: YouTube, DLive, Periscope, and Mixer (but NOT Facebook nor Twitch). Jesse’s show website:

Note: Facebook and Twitch censor Jesse’s live video for so-called “hate speech.”

Sunday 9am PT on Hake’s channels: YouTube, DLive, Periscope, Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook.

Show Blog:

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