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Trump Declares National Emergency; Rappers Trash Mayweather ("JLP News," Fri., Feb 15, 2019)

Friday, February 15, 2019 — Here’s the news:


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  2. We also have a new OLD episode of Church on BOND: Rebuilding the Man: How do you recognize God’s Voice? From April 13, 2008!

  3. (Fox News) A source says President Trump is expected to declare a national emergency and allocate $8B to fund the border wall. The House approved $1.4B which Trump is also expected to sign. The White House Press Secretary confirmed both would happen in order to address the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border. In an unusual joint statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Maj. Ldr Chuck Schumer said it was “a lawless act, a gross abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract” from when Trump said he’d pay for the wall. (NOTE: But during the campaign Trump never said Mexico would front the money, but rather that they’d pay indirectly by, for example, taxing the money that Mexican nationals working here send back home — it was laid out on his campaign website. Democrats and media are being deceptive and purposely dense.)

  4. Fox News Poll: Majority thinks Democrats have a chance to unseat Trump in 2020. After President Trump took office, many voters doubted he would finish his term, much less stand for re-election. In August 2017, only 58 percent of voters (31 percent of Dems) thought Trump would finish his term. Now 70 percent do (50 percent of Democrats). 23% of voters — 40 percent of delusional Dems — still think he won’t finish his 4 years. A 55-percent majority say there’s either an excellent (19 percent) or good (36 percent) chance Dems will defeat Trump in the election.

  5. (Fox News) Acting FBI Dir. Andrew McCabe & Dep. AG Rod Rosenstein must testify to explain the claim that the DOJ discussed removing Trump, GOP leaders in House & Senate Judiciary Committees say. McCabe said in an interview this week that senior Justice Department officials had considered removing President Trump using the 25th Amendment. He said Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record the president, which Rosenstein denied. (NOTE: McCabe has a new book “The Threat” so he’s creating mess apparently, making himself sound important — he went on 60 Minutes saying this stuff.) The 25th Amendment governs the succession protocol if the president dies, resigns or becomes temporarily or permanently incapacitated — if the whole cabinet & VP agree he’s “unable” to perform his job. Trump quoted liberal Constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz in a tweet: “Trying to use the 25th Amendment to try and circumvent the Election is a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing...which happens in third world countries. You have to obey the law. This is an attack on our system & Constitution.” Alan Dershowitz. (The Legal legend & Harvard law professor says the alleged FBI-DOJ plot described by McCabe was 'attempt at a coup d'etat' NOTE: This is where all that talk about Trump’s “Mental Health” comes from — an attempt at a coup.)


  1. Trump tweeted yesterday: “Disgraced FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe pretends to be a “poor little Angel” when in fact he was a big part of the Crooked Hillary Scandal & the Russia Hoax - a puppet for Leakin’ James Comey. I.G. report on McCabe was devastating. Part of “insurance policy” in case I won....” Trump went on, tweeting: “....Many of the top FBI brass were fired, forced to leave, or left. McCabe’s wife received BIG DOLLARS from Clinton people for her campaign - he gave Hillary a pass. McCabe is a disgrace to the FBI and a disgrace to our Country. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”


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  2. Sources told ABC 7 Chicago: Police investigating whether Jussie Smollett staged attack with help of others, allegedly being written off 'Empire.' They talked to two Nigerian brothers who grew up in a Chicago apartment, both persons of interest, at least one of whom appeared on the show “Empire,” and they go to the gym with Smollett on occasion. Police picked them up at Chicago O’Hare airport, as reportedly (CBS reporter) “the men left for #Nigeria the day of the attack.” Police also raided their apartment, busting the door off its frame, ransacked the place according to family, and asked family if they knew Smollett. Chicago police told ABC News, "Police are investigating whether the two individuals committed the attack - or whether the attack happened at all." But the police superintendent says they have no evidence that the attack was a hoax. Fox Entertainment said it was “ridiculous” to suggest black homosexual actor would be written out of the show “Empire” on which he plays a central figure. (CBS Chicago) An Attorney for the Two Men says they Could Be Charged Friday, but she says they have no idea why, and they like Smollett. (Real Clear Politics) Smollett says he’s “pissed” that people don’t believe him because he said the perps were white. He feels they’d support him if he said it were a Muslim or black or Mexican.

  3. (Fox News) YouTube star ‘Furry Potato’ is shot while live-streaming near L.A. synagogue; security guard arrested. A transgender YouTube personality Zhoie Perez (who goes by the name "Furry Potato"), age 45, calls himself a “1st Amendment auditor.” He live-streamed a confrontation with a security guard outside the Etz Jacob synagogue. Perez roamed around the synagogue for about 30 minutes while a security guard questioned her (HIM). The guard advises her (HIM) not “to do anything crazy over here.” After several minutes of the transgender furry standing outside on the other side of the gate from the guard who appeared more and more nervous and had pulled his firearm, the guard fired what he called a “warning shot.” The transgender said he’d been shot in the leg, he cussed and got away. Police responded just after noon and arrested the 44-y-o guard on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Perez films the exterior of businesses and government buildings, confronting people, security guards, and police officers. He was arrested last year after derogatory comments toward a black Marine Corps recruiter, and fined $100.

  4. OLD Church throwback Jesse 2008. How do you recognize God’s voice? Ppl say God told then this or that. Not true. BOND: Rebuilding the Man


  1. (CNBC) On Thursday, the Senate confirmed Trump's attorney general pick William Barr, who will now oversee Mueller probe. He previously served as AG 1991-1993 under “Bush the Daddy.” Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Doug Jones of Alabama, and Kyrsten Sinema of AZ voted for him. Of Republicans, only Sen. Rand Paul of KY opposed him. Remember Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe last March 2017 after reports about his contacts with Russia's ambassador, so Rod Rosenstein was in charge. Barr called Mueller a friend, but reportedly has criticized the Russia investigation. (Fox News) Barr vowed to focus on violent crime, enforce our immigration laws, and protect the right to vote.

  2. The Fallen State Women’s March


  1. (Fox News) Trump has been speaking from the White House Rose Garden this morning, talking about China having been taking advantage of us. He’s working with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea on a new summit. He also addressed the national security crisis at the border, and the market making records. He addressed the liars who say Walls Don’t Work. He said, “Walls work 100%.” He talked about El Paso and the murders on the other side of the wall 2000 murders in Mexico. He brought up Israel. He talked about the human trafficking going on. He accused Pelosi & Schumer of lying and playing a con game. He talked about us breaking up the Migrant Caravans. He announced he’s going to sign a National Emergency. He said other presidents sign national emergencies about much less important things, and no one cares. He talked about the invasion of drugs, human traffickers, and gangs coming in. He highlighted “angel moms” mothers of victims of illegal alien criminals, also fathers and families. The press doesn’t cover these stories, he said. Mothers showed photos of their children.

  2. (Fox News) Trump thanked MSNBC this week after report Senate panel found no evidence of Russia conspiracy. NBC News reported Tuesday morning that according to both unnamed Republicans and Democrats, the Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded that there is no direct evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election after conducting 200 interviews over the course of two years. A reporter said, “Trump will claim vindication through this, and he’ll be partially right.” (The Senate Intel investigation is independent of the Mueller investigation.) But Trump shared a clip and tweeted: Thank you to @MSNBC!

  3. (CNN) Beto O'Rourke says he would 'take the wall down' separating El Paso and Mexico, which Trump says made El Paso a safer than average city, whereas it used to be dangerous. He told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, "Yes, absolutely. I'd take the wall down." Beto claimed that the bollard fence construction in 2008 "didn't make us any safer." He said “It's hard to make a rational case for an emergency declaration or troops on the border or any amount of additional border walls or border fencing or steel slats.” He compared it to the “war on terror” or the “war on drugs” and claimed Trump is just stoking “fear and anxiety.” He said you make the US safer by "treating people with dignity and respect." O'Rourke shattered fundraising records just to lose to Sen. Ted Cruz. He led a march and rally against Trump & the in El Paso on Monday. O'Rourke said he'll decide this month whether he'll run for president.

  4. (Fox News) Floyd Mayweather blasts rapper T.I.'s call for Gucci boycott over blackface shirt. Floyd Mayweather responded to a diss track from rapper T.I. about his stance on the rapper's call to boycott Gucci by asking why people don't boycott rappers who promote drug use, murder and sexual promiscuity. Floyd responded hours after T.I. released a song castigating the former champion boxer for continuing to spend money on Gucci products in the face of an ongoing boycott against the luxury brand that started over a controversial sweater that looks like blackface. T.I. didn’t specifically name Mayweather but called him old and greedy, and the cover art shows a photoshopped image of Mayweather with the Gucci big lips “blackface” turtleneck sweater part over his mouth. Rapper 50 Cent put the same mocked-up image on his Instagram earlier.

50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather on Instagram for not boycotting Gucci over “blackface” sweater.

50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather on Instagram for not boycotting Gucci over “blackface” sweater.


  1. (Fox News) Fewer than 10 percent of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High students showed up for school on the anniversary of the shooting that left 17 dead.  The Broward County school district said 291 of the school's approximately 3,200 students attended school Thursday. The school was on a half-day schedule so students wouldn't be on campus at 2:20 p.m. when the shooting began last Valentine's Day.  Several students told The Associated Press that they skipped school because the day would be too emotional. More than a thousand people gathered at a South Florida park on the anniversary supposedly to honor the 17 victims (14 students & 3 staff members) killed by suspect Nikolas Cruz.

  2. JESSE COVERED THIS YESTERDAY: (Breitbart) Booker: ‘I’ll Be Looking to Women First’ to Be My Running Mate — Tuesday on MSNBC, lesbian host Rachel Maddow asked Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), “If you got the (presidential) nomination, would you commit to choosing a woman as your vice presidential running mate?” Booker said that “you will rarely see a Democratic ticket anymore without gender diversity, race diversity. I think it’s something that we should have…. should I become it... I’ll be looking to women first.”