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Joe Biden Flip-Flops in Favor of Gov't Funded Abortion! BETA MALE! ("JLP News," Fri., June 7, 2019)

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  1. (Drudge) How binge-watching is hazardous to your health… Americans Sitting at Record Rates…  (Stuff) According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, avid binge-watchers reported poor sleep quality, increased fatigue and more insomnia symptoms. Michigan State University researchers presented a link between binge-watching and poor lifestyle choices such as opting for unhealthy meals, unhealthy snacks and sedentary behaviours at the 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in 2017. Experts say binge-watching can affect your cardiovascular system, your vision, your socialisation and your sleep patterns. One doctor’s primary concern is “how sedentary you become,” — "Studies show that sitting for long periods of time can increase one's risk for metabolic syndrome, which can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes."

    1. In a 2018 study, researchers found that prolonged sitting for binge-watching is similar to prolonged sedentary behaviour for long-haul flights or illness: It can increase your risk of developing conditions such as deep-vein thrombosis, a blood clot in the leg that can be fatal if it breaks off and travels to the heart or lungs. In the study, even ultimately achieving the recommended amount of physical activity was not enough to reverse the risk of clots during TV binges. YIKES, SCARY SCARE TACTICS! TAKE STRETCH BREAKS

    2. One neurologist says watching multiple episodes on Netflix before sleeping may cause you to lose more sleep, and beyond that night. "Electronic screens emit broad-spectrum light, including blue light," he says. "In addition to delaying the release of melatonin, which keeps you awake, the blue light can actually reset your circadian rhythms to a later schedule."

  2. (Daily Mail) Professional basketball player Dwyane Wade surprised Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students by delivering a surprise commencement speech (meaning graduation speech) recently. He called them MSD Strong, a reference to the hashtag in which survivors of the school shooting called themselves strong. Some of these high schoolers are infamous for promoting gun control, like they have a clue what they’re talking about; they’re indoctrinated, but the media promoted them. The activist athlete promotes safer schools, (probably with false solutions). He is retiring after 16 years in the NBA, and told the graduates that he can relate to them being uncertain about their future. He’d made a surprise visit to their Parkland, Florida school once before when students returned after the mass shooting that killed 17 people on February 14, 2018. Dwayne hails from the state of Florida.

    1. BTW: Wade is the one married to actress Gabrielle Union who’s older than him (by 7 years), and who plays a “slut” (having sex with different slutmakers) in the black TV show “Being Mary Jane.” They’re both liberals.

    2. Dwayne famously promoted Black Lives Matter, complaining about “racial profiling,” and “not valuing black and brown bodies,” alongside LeBron James, Chris Paul, and others at the ESPY Awards in 2016. He did also give lip service to stopping Chicago and Orlando violence and retaliation. (Reuters) His cousin Nakia Aldridge was shot in the head and arm in crossfire in Chicago that same summer, while pushing her newborn baby in a stroller; she died.

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TOP OF SECOND HOUR NEWS: Friday, June 7, 2019

  1. (Drudge) BIDEN ABORTION TURN (speaking of weak men!) (Daily Caller) The Fallen Messiah Barack Obama’s former VP Joe Biden, a Democrat who says he’s Catholic, reversed his support for the Hyde Amendment (a 1977 provision bans federal funds for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest [Bill Clinton in 1994 started gov’t funding for abortion for so-called rape or incest]; the life of the mother is another exception). He did this on Thursday after facing intense backlash from within his own party. BETA MALE! Biden, while speaking in Atlanta, first reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade: I support Roe. I support a women’s right to choose under that constitutionally guaranteed provision. (NBC News) But then Biden said that in an environment where “women’s health” is “under assault” especially in GOP-led states, he ‘can no longer support an amendment’ that cuts off funding, as in Hyde. A number of Democrats had criticized Biden for his support of the amendment, claiming that recent bans and added restrictions in a number of states had turned the Hyde Amendment into a de facto attack on the rights of poor and minority women.

    1. (Daily Caller) Cory Booker had said the Hyde Amendment is “an assault on women’s reproductive rights,” “an assault on women,” and “particularly an assault on African American women.” Extremist pro-abortion groups Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, and the National Abortion Rights Action League have each used the same language in their statements criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden’s stance.

    2. (Daily Caller) Elizabeth Warren said, “I’ve lived in an America where abortions were illegal…. Women still got abortions. We do not pass laws that take away the freedom from the women who are most vulnerable.”

    3. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted, “Repealing the Hyde Amendment is critical so that low-income women, in particular, can have access to the reproductive care they need and deserve. Reproductive rights are human rights, period. They should be non-negotiable for all Democrats.”

    4. Kamala Harris tweeted: “No woman's access to reproductive health care should be based on how much money she has. We must repeal the Hyde Amendment.”

    5. Booker, Gillibrand, and Kamala all voted in favor of the amendment last year in an appropriations bill! Filthy Socialist Bernie Sanders did NOT. He wants gov’t funded abortions.

  2. (Drudge) CULTURE WARS: Spike Lee calls for Hollywood to 'shut it down' in Georgia… (AP) Director Spike Lee is calling for Hollywood production companies to leave Georgia over a law that would ban abortions as early as six weeks, upon detection of a fetal heartbeat. Most studios that have commented have said they’re waiting to see if the so-called “heartbeat” law actually takes effect next year, or if the courts will block it. But at the arrivals line for Denzel Washington’s AFI Lifetime Achievement tribute Thursday, Lee said now is the time for Georgia-based productions to “shut it down” and boycott the state’s booming film industry to drive change. (Talk about a kiss-up BETA MALE!) Lee acknowledged that a mass exodus could dent livelihoods, but cited black bus drivers affected by the Civil Rights Movement-era boycott in Montgomery.

  3. (Drudge) Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers… (NY Post) According to a new poll of 1,000 millennial dads and 1,000 baby boomer dads, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Alarm.com, millennial dads are less capable than their own dads when it comes to everyday DIY fixes, preferring to rely on professional help instead. Millennial dads are less likely than their boomer counterparts to be able to change a car tire on the side of the road, unblock a toilet or sink, reset a tripped circuit breaker or even open a stuck pickle jar with their hands.

    1. Many millennial dads reported not owning a cordless drill (46 percent), a stepladder (49 percent), a set of screwdrivers (38 percent) or even a hammer (32 percent) — an item owned by 93 percent of boomer dads.

“Democrat Joe Biden announces he can no longer support the Hyde Amendment after getting attacked by Democrats over the last 24 hours for supporting it. He blames Republicans for his decision.” (Ryan Saavedra on  Twitter )

“Democrat Joe Biden announces he can no longer support the Hyde Amendment after getting attacked by Democrats over the last 24 hours for supporting it. He blames Republicans for his decision.” (Ryan Saavedra on Twitter)

TOP OF THIRD HOUR NEWS: Friday, June 7, 2019 – 

  1. (Drudge) CNN Don Lemon speaks out about harassment… (I laughed at this headline and the pic of him all serious.) (Hollywood Reporter) At an industry conference Thursday, Don said, "I was doing a shoot in the park the other day and someone said, 'We built this country. I can't wait for CNN to fire your black A—, you F—” (slang word for homosexual). The anchor said the president's attacks "take a toll on me, on my privacy and safety and security, and the safety and security of my family." (WHAT FAMILY?)

    1. Lemon claims he gets 300 calls a day from a Trump supporter who doesn't like him. He said he receives stacks of junk mail from people who have figured out his address. "People call the authorities and accuse me of doing certain things.” "I wonder how long I will continue to do this particular job in the way I do it," citing the toxicity of the political-media climate (which he contributes heavily to). "It ain't easy, but I don't plan to give up."

    2. Trump on Twitter has called Don Lemon "the dumbest man on television." Trump wrote in August 2016. "Don Lemon is a lightweight - dumb as a rock."

    3. But the anchor said Thursday that he's decided "not to punch down" by responding to the president's insults: "A cable news anchor saying, 'I don't punch down at the president.' That's where we are." That’s a lie. He’s been calling Trump “racist” for years now. He’s a lowdown name-calling accuser.

    4. CNN contributor April Ryan, a White House reporter, pays to have her own bodyguard, while Lemon's lead-in and friend, Chris Cuomo, was "swatted" in January, with police called to his Long Island home on a false report.

  2. This is ridiculous… (Drudge) Woman Stabbed Self Three Times Because 'Tired Of Living In Trump's Country'...  TDS! (The Smoking Gun) A Florida woman told police that she stabbed herself in the stomach with a kitchen knife because, “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president.” (Had to be Florida, right?) Cops found the 46-year-old woman standing outside her residence in Palmetto Sunday. She had blood all over her legs, hands, and face. When asked what was wrong, the woman lifted her shirt to reveal “three stab wounds on [her] stomach that were still bleeding.” A cop concluded that there was a “substantial likelihood” that she “will cause bodily harm to herself and/or others.” Apparently she’ll be involuntarily admitted to a mental health treatment facility (per the state’s Baker Act). The woman said she “has been Baker Acted before and has attempted to hurt herself in the past.”

  3. (Drudge) A prediction of 1,072,000 ILLEGALS THIS YEAR… (Wash. Examiner) New border surge prompts 10% jump in 2019 prediction to 1,072,000 illegal immigrants. U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Wednesday revealed that May apprehensions topped 144,000. This year has seen 676,315 apprehensions so far, up 99% over this time last year. Steven Kopits, the president of Princeton Policy Advisors which has predicted that immigrant apprehensions would reach 931,000 this year, expressed concern about the May numbers and boosted his prediction to 1,072,000.

  4. (Drudge) Mexico President to Hold Border 'Unity' Rally in Tijuana… (NBC 4 Los Angeles) López Obrador has said over and over again that his goal is to avoid any confrontation with Trump. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a demonstration will be held Saturday to defend the country's "dignity" amid a looming threat from U.S. President Donald Trump, who has pledged to impose 5% tariffs on Mexican products unless the country prevents Central American migrants from traveling through its territory. They’ve nabbed two anti-border, pro-illegal alien activists, as I reported yesterday. (Drudge) Trump may delay Mexico tariffs… (CNBC) Dow rallies 180 points for its fourth-straight gain on hopes US-Mexico trade talks making progress

  5. TSA allowing undocumented to fly… (no ID??)

  6. You saw in the first hour the VIDEO: Massive mob WALKS AROUND border wall…   

  7. The Surge of African migrants continues…  

  8. Venezuela now top source of asylum claims…