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Liam Neeson Event Cancelled, Attacked by Killer Mike for "Racism" ("JLP News," Weds., Feb 6, 2019)


  1. (Drudge) A CNN poll found 59% had a “very positive” view of President Trump’s speech. A CBS poll found 76% approved of the speech!

  2. My notes: The president touted 5M lifted off food stamps, record low unemployment numbers, tax breaks to make babies, getting rid of the Obamacare individual mandate, and cutting regulations. He decried “ridiculous partisan investigations.” He went in on illegal immigration, pointing out the negative effects on Americans (some of the same Jesse points out, which liberals lie about and deny), & saying the politicians and open-borders supporters live behind “walls and gates and guards.” Ilhan Omar pretended to cry. Illegals have killed countless people including innocent great grandparents in Reno, NV. Trump will “get it built” — “walls work and walls save lives.” Democrat women danced and whooped when he acknowledged more women in Congress than ever. Trump called for school choice, and strongly condemned abortion and “socialism in our country.” He announced an upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-Un, and recognized an officer in the synagogue shooting, as well as WWII heroes and survivors, and a cute child cancer survivor.

  3. The Democrat women all wore white, prompting many KKK memes.

  4. The SOTU Democrat response was given by Stacey Abrams of GA wearing a smile, talking about fair-minded judges, fear-mongering about “voting rights,” “racism,” “reproductive justice,” and “marriage equality.”

  5. (Fox News) Liam Neeson event canned after the actor's comments. We reported yesterday he roamed around with a cosh (bludgeon) hoping a (air-quotes) “black bastard” would come up to him so that he could kill him — after someone close to him was allegedly raped by a black man. Lionsgate on Tuesday canned the red carpet for the New York City premiere of his new movie “Cold Pursuit.” Verified Blue-check-mark liberals on Twitter called him “racist.” Neeson appeared on “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning where he said his comments were taken out of context. He told interviewer Robin Roberts he is not a racist and moved past his desire for violence. Lionsgate has not commented but decided to pull the plug on the red carpet in the wake of Neeson’s controversy.

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  7. (Mediaite) Gladys Knight Defended Singing the National Anthem After Don Lemon Asked If She’s Concerned It Could Hurt Her Career. On Friday, Gladys told the CNN host, “I grew up with the national anthem. We used to sing it in school before school started. We used to say prayers in school before school started, and we just don’t have that anymore and I’m just — I’m just hoping that it will be about our country and how we treat each other and being the great country that we are.” Don pointed to some singer at Trump’s inauguration losing her career according to The Failing New York Times. Gladys responded: “For me, it’s just for me about respect. If we start denying the anthem, there are so many people that have died for our country…” going on to point out even family members are serving, and we’ve fought not just in wars.


  1. (Drudge) A man was Killed After a Vape Pen Exploded While He was Inhaling… (NY Post) A 24-year-old man was killed in Texas last week when the explosion of a vape pen he’d just bought cut his left internal carotid artery! His grandmother Alice Brown said, “He popped it and it exploded, and that’s when it shot across his mouth,” inside her car, launching bits of charred debris into his face and neck. He died at the hospital two days later. She said he suffered from asthma and was told that a specialized vape pen might help improve his breathing. He’s at least the second person in the United States to be killed by an exploding e-cigarette. US Fire Administration statistics from 2017 showed that 133 acute injuries from e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other similar devices were reported between 2009 and 2016. A 38yo Florida man was killed by an exploding e-cigarette last May.

  2. (Drudge) The Census Bureau projects: 75 million more immigrants by 2060; immigrants & their children will make up 95% of future growth… (Wash. Examiner) the US population will hit 404 million by 2060. Without immigration, the U.S. population would increase by just 3.7 million, the latest sign that the country is on a path to zero native population growth. (As Jesse says: Make more white babies!)


  1. (Drudge) TRUMP says: 'We will build a Human Wall if necessary'... (Breitbart) The Pentagon announced Sunday that they are sending 3,750 troops to help secure the border as additional caravans of migrants from Central American countries are making their way to the border. One caravan of mostly migrants from Honduras has already swelled to over 12,000 migrants.  Trump tweeted: Tremendous numbers of people are coming up through Mexico in the hopes of flooding our Southern Border. We have sent additional military. We will build a Human Wall if necessary. If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!

  2. (Mediaite) Cory Booker Tries to Pin Down Trump Judicial Nominee on LGBTQ Positions. The rabidly pro-gay Senator of NJ and presidential contender said: “LGTBQ Americans have faced a long history of discrimination, a long discrimination of bullying,” Booker began, while questioning D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Neomi Rao. “Young LGBTQ youth in America report not going to school because of fear for their own safety at rates that are unconscionable.” Cory suggested Trump doesn’t protect Trans people, but this lady said she’d uphold “civil rights and equal protection” if confirmed as judge. Cory asked: “Have you ever had an LGBTQ law clerk?” Rao replied, “I have not been a judge. So I don’t have any law clerks.” He corrected himself & asked if she ever had LGBTQ employees work for her. Rao responded that her employees’ sexual orientations were never something she knew or discriminated based on.

  3. (Mediaite) Howard Schultz says: Billionaires Should be Referred to as ‘People of Means.’ Presidential hopeful & former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sat down with a CNBC host. They dealt with a heckler at one point. At another point someone asked: “do you agree that billionaires have too much power in American public life?” Schultz replied: “The moniker billionaire now has become the catchphrase. I would re-phrase that and I would say that people of means have been able to leverage their wealth and their interests in ways that are unfair.”

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  1. (Fox News) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas) listed her race as 'American Indian' in her handwritten TX State Bar card from 1986. A new report documented the presidential hopeful's efforts to identify as a minority during her earliest days as a law professor. Last week, Warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test trying to prove she had Native-American ancestry. Again on Tuesday she apologized for identifying as Native American "for almost two decades. An RNC spokesman said, “For the seven years this has been in the news, Elizabeth Warren has refused to apologize. Now, four days before her formal presidential launch, she’s issued a politically opportunistic apology… Warren pretended to be a minority to climb the Ivy League ladder…” Oddly, in 1981, 1985, and 1988, personnel forms at the University of Texas showed that Warren had called herself "white." She called herself Cherokee in an Oklahoma cookbook called " Pow Wow Chow" in 1984, and listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools Directory of Faculty from 1986 to 1995.

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  3. (Fox News) The runner who was mauled by the mountain lion reportedly choked the animal to death! He pummeled the animal with a rock before wrestling it to the ground and choking it to death, state wildlife officials said Tuesday. Drudge had reported that the Colorado man killed the cougar with his bare hands. The man in his 30s had facial bite wounds and lacerations to his body from the 80-lb juvenile cougar that was estimated less than a year old. (Producer note: Perhaps he would not have been attacked had he not been alone.)

  4. (Fox News) Meghan McCain calls Trump ‘pathetic’ over his reported dig at late father. Trump reportedly dug on the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s book sales. Meghan, who referenced Trump in her eulogy at her father’s funeral, said Trump’s "obsession with my father 6 months after his death is pathetic and telling." He’d said of McCain, “By the way, he wrote a book and the book bombed,” during a luncheon with TV news anchors. McCain’s last book was "The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights and Other Appreciations." McCain died in August after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Meghan said “the greatness of my father’s life and legacy haunts you.”

  5. (TMZ) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests Trump got trolled when the female Democrat reps stood and cheered when he congratulated more women in Congress than ever. She suggested that they are actually there to keep him from ruining America — the women are almost all Democrats who are in a righteous battle against him. She found the speech "weird" and fantacized about America without him. (Producer note: Trump had said that if he were not president, we’d be in an all-out war with North Korea. I personally didn’t see Mazie Hirono stand up once.) AOC was also asked about 21 Savage’s arrest by ICE. She said the arrest is a symptom of a much larger problem.


  1. (TMZ) Atlanta actor/rapper & activist Killer Mike said Liam Neeson is a symptom of a bigger problem — that he's been dealing with people like Neeson all his life. He ripped Neeson for his "incredibly racist, bigoted and wrong" comments about wanting to kill a (air quotes) “black bastard” after someone close to him was allegedly raped by a black man. He said he doesn’t have a problem because he doesn’t have to work with Liam — the real problem is all the white people in America who think exactly like Neeson -- people African-Americans have to work shoulder to shoulder with every day. (Killer Mike famously apologized after a pro-gun NRA interview.)

  2. (TMZ) BETO O'ROURKE TO OPRAH I'LL DECIDE ON 2020 PRESIDENTIAL RUN 'Before End Of This Month.' He was interviewed Tuesday for Oprah’s show 'SuperSoul Sunday,' he said he talked to Barack Obama. He also said, “I'm so excited at the prospect of being able to play that role.” He got a ton of support when he challenged Sen. Ted Cruz of TX (producer note: from Hollywood types if I remember correctly). Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke served in Congress from 2013-2019. He was in the El Paso City Council from 2005 to 2011.