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Live call-in show hosted by James Hake, white male millennial Christian, and news reader for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, talking current issues, religion and politics. Live Monday through Friday 9 AM Pacific Time on Jesse’s channels, and Sunday 9 AM on Hake’s channels, based in Los Angeles, CA.

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Entrepreneur Update: James Hake

I’m James Hake, host of The Hake Report, former producer for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, and producer for Church at BOND here in Los Angeles.

With the help of my former co-hosts Joel Friday Dominick and Esteban Ricaurte (fellow BOND Entrepreneur Academy students), I started “The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban.” We began in September 2017, and did 16 episodes together, streaming live on YouTube every Sunday morning before Church. But at the end of the year, my former co-hosts went on their way. On Christmas Eve 2017, I struck out on my own as simply “The Hake Report” (without Joel and Esteban)!

Being a host and producer

Being a show host & creator, I’ve been able to understand Jesse’s experience better. I also found ways to improve on my work, and expand the reach of all three live programs that I help maintain.

Screenshot of James on The Hake Report, December 9th, 2018

Screenshot of James on The Hake Report, December 9th, 2018

Many social media companies exercise severe censorship practices against truth-tellers like Jesse. Given these threats, I branched out to free speech friendly platforms as well as the well-known websites. The majority our live viewers and new audience watch through YouTube, for which I’m grateful. But we now also stream live on Facebook, Periscope (Twitter), and (a newer platform) — where we interact with a growing audience of new viewers! Additionally, we post videos on the new anti-censorship platform BitChute. We maintain some presence on independent social media sites like,, and Steemit.

We also offer audio podcast available through SoundCloud, iTunes, TuneIn, Spreaker, and Stitcher. One couple visiting from Africa attended Church, saying they discovered Jesse via TuneIn!

Taking the reins from Esteban, I’ve been able to build out more of my website I’ve also worked with BOND’s website designer to improve and maintain Jesse’s radio show and Church webpages. If the powers that be remove us from major social media platforms, we can still be found on our own websites. Although our strongest presence is on YouTube and Facebook, we can easily switch focus, if needed, to our alternative media  accounts that we’ve already established.

Making money and improving quality

Last year I also designed T-shirts and other items for our three different outlets: Jesse Lee PetersonBOND: Rebuilding the Man, and The Hake Report. Just this month, Jesse received a new coffee mug celebrating his first 500 units sold on Teespring!

Last year Jesse’s show aired live on Newsmax TV, as well as on YouTube and our website. The experience commanded a more visual focus for Jesse’s radio show. We show pictures, b-roll video, news clips, and Skype video guests. I’ve maintained this with Joel, who works as an engineer on our shows. We make sure to exercise fair use of media, while avoiding potentially damaging copyright flags. Years ago, we did a story about a Grammys performance, showing some video of it. Unfortunately, CBS gave us a copyright strike that hamstrung our YouTube output for six months!

Now that we stream on YouTube and other platforms, people donate to us on YouTube via “Super Chats.” The excitement that viewers experience in watching live and chatting garners more attention. Many newcomers pick up on Jesse’s message, call-in to his show, or visit Church. Jesse spends the bulk of his airtime helping people through their issues, and addressing questions and disagreements.

People are being helped

A year ago on my show, I received a call from Ignacio from Mexico. I’d seen him in the Live Chat on YouTube for Church in weeks prior, but he couldn’t call-in to Jesse’s show, due to work schedule. He told me he was deported from the United States, but that he’s grateful. Although it was tough, he reconnected with his father down in Mexico, started work, and is doing well years later. He was grateful for Jesse’s message of forgiveness. Now he sets a good example to his family and young people in Mexico. Ignacio called again months later calling on weak Americans to get tough on immigration, do what’s right, and enforce our laws.

Also last year, I received a call from a black man, Juan from New York. He talked about the darkness over fellow black people including even his mother. So many blacks accept wrongdoing as normal, and even something to laugh about and spread shamelessly. He once voted for Obama, but now he sees through the lies of the mainstream media. He’s been helped in recent years by Jesse — and he agrees that “racism” is not blacks’ problem. Juan now wants men and women to turn away from their moral corruption.

Getting new help!

With all of the new elements we’ve added, I’ve grown very busy, with less time for many important things. For over a year I’ve worked with an excellent intern Dylan Volk. He greatly stepped up the number and quality of guests for interview on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show. He himself is an author in the middle of a media and speaking tour. For the time being, thankfully, he’s continuing to help me!

Now I have an additional intern — producer-in-training, Daniel Garcia — a young man who recently drove to California from Florida. Instead of sending an email, he walked in to introduce himself and offered to work in any position we may need him, whether janitor or producer. I train him by having him do my daily work as I sit by and coach him. He brought some new ideas and began to learn both the rote work and creative requirements. In his first week, Daniel already provided some relief to my overworked schedule.

I look forward to seeing how things develop this year. Jesse’s back-to-basics focus helps remind me and others to get our lives on track. We need not worry, but pray without ceasing, face and deal with challenges, and “seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way.” If I do that, I could use Jesse’s oft-repeated line: “All is well.”

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Will we ever get America back on track? Or will America continue its slide into hell?

Pepe the frog cares about the country, and about morality.

Pepe the frog cares about the country, and about morality.

A better question may be: Will we get ourselves back on track? Or will we continue our slide into hell?

Jordan B. Peterson tells activists to get their own lives in order, to “clean your room,” before you try to clean up the world. I think most people know about the biblical metaphor: Remove the plank from your own eye; then you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Jesse Lee Peterson, too, tells everyone to look at themselves. He once said that the way he talks to each person is with intent to awaken them, or at least those listening. Most other people are either trying to convince, appease, or make the person angry — in the case of political debate.

I think most people are incredibly petty. If you get under their skin they’re not the same person — at least not for that moment. Without real forgiveness, awakening, and knowing of self, I don’t see how the downward slide will stop.

On The Hake Report, I talk a lot about how I feel about the points Jesse makes — the importance of his message, the value that the truth brings and can bring to anyone who accepts it and acts on it.

I talk about what he says about anger and forgiveness. Any honest person has to admit it’d be so nice to live the way he (and the Bible, by the way) would recommend — as an “angry-free zone (sic).” LOL, but it’s true.

I talk about what he says about prayer and commitment to “God” and what’s right. This is something I’ve always kinda known, at least since high school/college — no Christian would technically disagree; even a fair-minded atheist would admire someone so dedicated.

I heard one man describe the way he lived and made decisions. He said: If it was right, I would do it; if it was wrong, I wouldn’t do it. What a simple way to live! SMH, must be nice! Haha…

My listeners may have picked up on it — I also talk about the failure of intellectualism. Intellectualism is emotionalism. People are obsessively intellectual, and it’s born of, like, denial, guilt, and pride. I’m not sure intellectualism ends until you “renew your mind.”

One guest years ago on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show — the Catholic author of “Making Gay Okay” — wrote about how the world rationalized homosexuality as not hurting others. (The reality is that everything around homosexuality hurts others, but the intellectuals, particularly liberal “intellectuals,” deny, excuse, distract, and deflect regarding the damage of homosexuality to families, relationships, and civilized society.)

Similarly, the things many do in life that are wrong and yet accept de facto are creating problems severely holding back our lives — and country.

I mean, honestly, look at Trump. He’d say some really good things now and then over the decades, but most of his current fans didn’t used to take him all that seriously as a potentially great political leader — but somehow he worked through the things that didn’t work for him, especially as the state of the country got more and more desperate (thanks Obama, and Bush, and Clinton, and Bush, and…) — and now at 71 he has boundless energy and ability to stick with the truth (in an effective way) like no other politicitian we’ve ever seen.

One man doing right is changing the culture. And we all have major or minor gripes with this one man. But this man is overpowering the millions of idiots marching the streets. That is nice to see and know.

So don’t get too into numbers. Jews and Christians know that David got into the idea of counting his troops during the old days of Israel, and he ended up with a puffed-up ego, having sex with his neighbor’s wife, getting that neighbor killed, and losing his son(s) as a result of the mess. A lot of people are into numbers today, and numbers are great, but there are simple things more powerful than numbers.

Meanwhile there are many instances in which smaller numbers have defeated what should have been overwhelming forces.

I heard one guy say — it may have been Jordan Peterson, or someone older — that the smallest minority is the individual. So too the most powerful person is the individual who cannot be shaken.

So the answer is going back to self. I notice that I don’t really see this talk amongst the left — but only the right. Imagine if people who each focused on being right themselves also united with one another. That’d be great. Now’s definitely the time to do it.