The Hake Report

Call-in: 888-775-3773 Sun 9am PT, Thur 9am PT

Live call-in show hosted by James Hake, white male millennial Christian, and news reader for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, talking current issues, religion and politics. Live Monday through Friday 9 AM Pacific Time on Jesse’s channels, and Sunday 9 AM on Hake’s channels, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Live Show

NEW! The Hake Report now airs live Monday through Friday 9am PT on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show’s 4th hour (video and website audio only). Find Jesse’s show on YouTube,, Facebook, Periscope, and Mixer!

Additionally, The Hake Report still streams live Sunday 9am PT (11am CT / noon ET) on Hake’s channels on the platforms below.

(Note: On July 2, 2019, James’s account was flagged by Facebook as putting out Jesse’s supposed “Hate Speech,” so they have been preventing James from Live Streaming on Facebook.)

(Also Note: On June 22, 2019, Jesse’s Twitch channel was suspended for 30 days for so-called “Hate Speech.” His YouTube channel also has a “Community Guidelines” warning for imaginary “Hate Speech.”)

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