The Hake Report

Call-in: 888-775-3773 Sunday through Friday 9 AM PT

Live call-in show hosted by James Hake, white male millennial Christian, and news reader for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, talking current issues, religion and politics. Live Monday through Friday 9 AM Pacific Time on Jesse’s channels, and Sunday 9 AM on Hake’s channels, based in Los Angeles, CA.


The Hake Report

Live Sunday 9a PT on Hake’s channels, and Monday through Friday 9am PT on Jesse Lee Peterson’s video channels.

Call-in to talk: 888-775-3773

About the host

James Hake talks politics and religion, taking your calls, live chat, & comments for discussion and debate.

He streams live Sunday 9 AM Pacific Time on his channels: YouTube,, Facebook, Periscope, Mixer, and Twitch.

He’s also live Monday through Friday 9 AM PT from The Jesse Lee Peterson Show channels (where he also reads news at the top of each hour during the week).

James Hake was Jesse Lee Peterson’s producer from late 2013 until early 2019. James participates in the BOND Entrepreneur Academy, and works for Jesse’s nonprofit, BOND.

Sunday 11 AM PT, after The Hake Report, James helps put Church with Jesse Lee Peterson live video, summary, and audio podcast online from BOND in Los Angeles.

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previous co-hosts:

This show was once The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban. But Joel and Esteban got fired, and now it’s The Hake Report without Joel and Esteban! Joel actually continues to help man the board.

Joel and Esteban are also members of the Entrepreneur Academy at BOND.

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